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"The Whole Truth...So Help Me God---An Enlightened Testimony from Inside Enron's Executive Offices" is available at your local bookstore or online retailer.

In her book, The Whole Truth, So Help Me God, Cindy Olson, a twenty-three year Enron employee, member of Enron's executive committee and the first Enron executive to testify in front of both the United States Senate and House, sheds light on the countless half-truths purveyed by the media and the justice system. As a protégé and confidant of the vilified Ken Lay, Olson reveals what kind of leader he was.  As a member of Enron's 401(k) administrative committee, Olson reveals the tenuous conversations and dubious actions that transpired prior to Enron's failure.  In addition, she shares with readers a balanced view of the once great company.



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